NOVA is a product that Supports the entire process from budget Calculations two project completion and covers all forms of costing in Building construction.
The built in process of Nova covers Operating Budgeting, Financial Monitoring, Installment bill and Change Management.
NOVA Calc supports the Norwegian standards for building components and description texts. Element calculation bases, therefore the building components, records, and fagkapitler. The calculation of construction projects, NOVA Calc functions for capacity calculations based on machine hours. NOVA Calc offers a set of reports that, among other things, resource reports, full cost reports, mailing lists, chapter summaries, item reports and project summaries.
NOVA Prod is the module for project management and meets most requirements for the management and reporting of construction projects. On the basis of calculation established a production budget that is built up with production codes and accounts.Nova prod supports Production Estimates,Installments Nota Basis,Interim Manager (inventory backlog),Deviation Reporting and change management.
Viltrapporten is a wild life management system which gathers statistics via SMS reports as well as online for all types of animal. The solution is mainly used for count the population of animal during the year and generate statistics & graphs in order to provide reports for relevant authorities and interested parties. These statistics are categorized based on the area and for each report provided by the users there is a notification service which will alert all relevant parties regarding the transaction. (i.e Hunting police will be notified if an animal were killed or Groups who are in the same ground will be notified if they observed any predators within the area so that they can protect themselves)
Asoft Accounting System covers each and every aspect of Accounting standards and theories delivering optimum efficiency to the company processors. With all features, the system is designed for easy handling and easy to Learn concept.
Standard Accounting system will be provided. The accounting system can be synchronized with the inventory system. Main modules include:
• Chart of Accounts registration.
• Journal Entries.
• Customer/ Purchase Payments Management.
• Cheque, Customer outstanding reports.
Inventory Software is the most cost effective and flexible inventory control and invoicing software available for Web and Mobile friendly application. The software complies all features related to Inventory Control Standard.
Assign and Print Barcodes, Multiple Price Lists, Allocate Stock to Multiple Warehouses and Locations, Customizable Item Fields
Item Tracking (for serial numbers, etc.), Minimum and Reorder Levels, Automated Stock Reordering
Item Pictures, Automatic Item Numbering, Assign Category and Sub-Categories, Quick Stock Find
Item Groups, Receive Stock, Reduce Stock Levels, Transfer Stock between Locations
Stock Count, Different Item Units, Import Inventory Wizard, Export Inventory, Filter View
You spend a lot of money on marketing, but it has been almost impossible to know exactly what works and what your ROI (Return on Investment) is, unless you have an analytics platform that shows you how much each customer is really worth. Loyalty Plus allows you to see which of your customers are most profitable and actively interact with your business, so you can build strong relationship with each real loyal customers by directly involving them with your Loyalty Plus program. Loyalty Plus is the first affordable multi beneficial loyalty program which can retain your existing customers, increase sales, maintain close customer relationship, customize on your own way, analyze each customer profile, get customers’ direct involvement, enhance the quality of your service, gain reputation with the value added services and differentiate you/ your business from the competitors.
Importance of Loyalty Plus - Increase Customer Satisfaction. Maintain Your Customer Base , Increase Sales by Including Attractive Rewards, Increase business reputation. Best Competitive Loyalty Program
Customer Loyalty will…
• Committed to purchasing merchandise and services from a retailer
• Resist efforts of competitors to attract the loyal customer
• Emotional attachment to retailer
        – Personal attention
        – Memorable positive experiences
        – Brand building communications programs
AERP is ERP system develop by Asoft for Sri Lankan market. Which is Web Based Inventory Management Software with Sales monitoring system, where sales person can get orders from customer using mobile app (both online and offline if it is in the rural arears), good deliver to customers, returns and payment collection using the mobile app and complete Accounting system with real time connected with Inventory and mobile sales App (so reduced bookkeeping activities)
• Assign and Print Barcodes
• Multiple Price Lists
• Allocate Stock to Multiple Warehouses and Locations
• Customizable Item Fields
• Item Tracking (for serial numbers, etc.)
• Minimum and Reorder Levels
• Automated Stock Reordering
• Item Pictures
• Automatic Item Numbering
• Assign Category and Sub-Categories
• Quick Stock Find
• Item Groups
• Receive Stock
• Reduce Stock Levels
• Transfer Stock between Locations
• Stock Count
• Different Item Units
• Import Inventory Wizard
• Export Inventory
• Filter View
• Collect orders from customers / shops using mobile APP with GPS location of the orders
• The orders can be updated to head office both online and offline if it is rural arears
• Shop registration can be done from mobile App with some photos of the Shopper
• Complete Accounting system with real time connected with Inventory and mobile sales App (so reduced bookkeeping activities)

 Xmarina is a web based harbor management system that increases utilization of harbors.
Xmarina facilitate to Maintaining Personal Information and båtinformasjon, Application to change boats (in the harbor), Access information from the Association, Personal bulletin board with messages and booking overview and adding holidays.
Xmarina includes membership with several categories of member, Location Register of width / length / depth limitations, bending, etc. , Graphical tools for the allocation of berths and moving boats, Automatic sending of e-mail with mooring number and information on the personal billboard, Easy e-mail mass mailing to all members or committee of members, Administration of times for launching / recording, Price list (summer / winter haven circulation, services) with rates per member category and Transfer of invoice (order) to Accounting.

ClaimFast app is the new trend in the Insurance Environment, all claims related with accidents and repair inspection is done via Online.
This App can record inspection after accidents or repairs done at Garages.
The company was started in 2009 on the basis of great interest for direct investments in oil and gas production. The goal is to link investor as closely as possible to the actual value added in the oil industry. Viking Oil & Gas specializes in direct investments in oil projects and works exclusively with this segment. Viking Oil & Gas operates primarily in Norway, but also customers in other countries. Since inception, the company has experienced strong growth and put together a solid board with extensive experience. The Board has expertise in the oil industry, specializing in the search area, entrepreneurship and business development and HR.
It created separate companies for each project. These companies are Christian Ditlev-Simonsen chairman. Ditlev-Simonsen is a partner in the law firm Vogt & Wiig and specialized in corporate structures and financial regulations.
Our partners are the SPICE INC., Paris Oil & Gas Corporation, York Oil & Gas Management, Inc. Read more about our partners, under the link " Partners ".
NOVA Calc offers a set of reports that, among other things, resource reports, full cost reports, mailing lists, chapter summaries, item reports and project summaries.
Timer HR is a competence management system which allows keeping track of info of employees, skills and competences of an organization
TimerHR is Competence Management tool which also facilitate to manage the employee relationship status. This tool is a web based system which helps in competency management while provides a simple solution where employees and managers can easily get an overview of the real expertise in the business.
TimerHR gives real time information over knowledge and courses of the employees and tracks everything from completed of required competence, Appraisals and CV's etc. It draws the attention of the managers the areas that needs to be focus and let the user find hidden knowledge in the company. TimerHR will handle/keep track of the company’s human capital as well.